OK. This is my first note in English.
I am sorry for the level of my English but I will try ;)

One day after my Mid Term I decided to visit new city: Olomouc (Ołomuniec). I made some research in the Internet and I just knew... "I need to go there!" I wrote to my friend (he is making his EVS there) and there was no problem with visiting. Sooo great!
I bought a ticket, packed my things and started lonely journey to completely new place in Czech Republic. Afret 3 hours I was in Olomouc... and of course I've got lost. After few minutes of panic I saw the sign "City centre". Full of enthusiasm I went there. On my way I noticed museum. I like to learn new things about history and culture so I decided to go in. I had only 30 minutes to see all of the rooms so I was running with my camera, trying to read and make lot of photos.

Around 5 I went to city centre. It was so amazing! I made some pictures and went to shopping mall (it was dark and cold). After some time my friend came and we went for a supper.

Town Hall

Holy Trinity Column

St. Wencelas Cathedral

On Saturday we went to a ski camp with kids. I met instructor who spoke Polish and was in my hometown. So amazing! We went to Angel Mountain and I had a couple of hours for walking, making pictures and drink kofola :) Rest of the day was also amazing, full of talking about Polish language and making fun of "pszcz" sound. Yes! Our language is funny.

I had to go back to Nachod next day. But I will go to Olomouc again with my friends very soon to discover this beautiful city again :)

And big Thank You for great hosting and amazing tea Slava.