Všechno nejlepší!/Olomouc part 2

31 years old....Yes it is me ;) I decided to spend my birthday in the one of the best cities with people which I love. I choose Olomouc because I just liked the town from the first sight. So on 26 of March me and my EVS friends went there from Nachod. After 3 hours we were in this cool city to admire great...bus station (small travelling accident). After some time my sister Karolina joined us. It was one of the best gifts for me :)

We all went to cathedra and museum. Every Sunday you can go there for free :) We spent there 1,5 hour (I think...). It is really worth to see.

After this part of my celebration we went to the main square. It was just perfect! After some time my friend joined with his special guest. It was a great meeting :) We went for a lunch and ice creams ;) After few hours it was time to go back to Nachod.

I received so many birthday wishes and thank you all for that. I have some reflections after the last year. So:

1. You will never know when and where you will meet people who can change your life for better.
2. My family is my treasure.
3. You can always learn something new!
4. Accidental meetings with new people can be a big surprise (they speak your language and were in your hometown).
5. You can feel lost and miss your friends and it is normal.
6. You will never know when knowledge about IEM or Doctor Who can save your lesson.
7. It is great to share your culture with another people.
8. Polish language is funny... :D
9. Working in forest kindergarten can be like a great adventure.
10. You can change your opinion about soooo many things.
11. You can be inspired by small things.
12. Travelling is great!
13. Tea from Latvia is one of the best.
14. There is never to late for changes.

For now it is all. I had amazing day, full of good messages, meetings and positive energy. Was it my lats time in Olomouc? I do not think so....